Important Update 7/23

Dear Members,
Here are some important updates. Please thoroughly read this post.

Palisades Closing at 6pm Saturday 7/24
Palisades will close at 6pm on Saturday to honor our Porpoises at our annual Swim Team Banquet. Congratulations to our enthusiastic swimmers and thanks to our dedicated coaches, and supportive staff, parents, and members for another wonderful season. Note: this will be our last scheduled Palisades closing for the 2021 season.

Dive Team Divisional Meet
Palisades will host the Dive Team Divisional Meet on Sunday, 7/25. The dive well will be closed until approximately 1pm on Sunday. Go Porpoises!

Serious Health Concern
Numerous times over the last month (and far more times than previous seasons), our middle and main pools were closed due to feces found in the pools. This is a burden on the guard staff who must manage the cleaning and remediation process which includes shutting down the affected pool for several hours while it is chemically treated and tested.  This required protocol is an inconvenience to all members. Yesterday, we had an incident of vomiting in one of our pools, which also requires a shutdown and cleaning. There have also been instances of feces found in other inappropriate areas such as the pool deck, breezeway, and bathroom floor.

Members need to be aware of any illnesses that could lead to such events and refrain from visiting Palisades if not healthy. All children who are not toilet trained or are in the process of becoming toilet trained must wear tight-fitting rubber swim pants over a swim diaper. The swim pants can be purchased from the front desk. Only children who are completely toilet trained may use the main pool. We also ask that parents accompany young children to the bathroom.

Please, please, please be respectful of our pools, our members, and our staff. 

Operating Hours
We heard you! Based on feedback from our members, we are working with Georgetown Aquatics to extend our operating hours until 9pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings for the some or all of the remaining 2021 season. We will announce any changes to operating hours as soon as decisions are made. We will then thoroughly review our 2022 daily operating hours during the off-season. Thanks for your feedback and cooperation.

Happy swimming,
Your Volunteer Palisades Board of Directors