Pool managers and guards have the authority to enforce all pool rules and policies and the authority to remove any person from the property who inhibits the safe, healthy and peaceful enjoyment of the pool facilities. Please review pool rules and policies with your children.


All members must show a membership card as they sign in to enter the pool. If a card is not available, a photo ID may be shown to cross reference the current membership list. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a person 15 years or older inside the pool area within pool grounds.  No pets are allowed on pool property.

Guest Fees

All guest fees apply to any guest 1 year of age and older. The fee is $5.00 per person weekdays and $10.00 on weekends and holidays. The Member is responsible for paying for the guest fee(s) and must stay with guest(s) the entire time the guest(s) are at the pool. Guest fees are non-refundable.

Guests will not be permitted during the following dates/times:

    • Last Day of School for MCPS – Thursday, June 13, 2024
    • Last Day of School for DCPS – Monday, June 17, 2024
    • Palisades Social Events – Sunday May 19, Sunday July 21, and Monday September 2, 2024

Each family membership can host up to five guests on a single day unless otherwise stated (special event, etc). Bringing in six or more guests is considered a party and must be scheduled ahead of time through the party reservation system. A member’s children who participate in soccer clinics and camps at nearby parks during the summer are not permitted to bring the entire team to use the pool facilities on a daily basis using guest passes. Members not following these guidelines jeopardize membership privileges. Pool party guidelines and the reservation system are found at Pool Party Guidelines.


  • Please treat fellow Palisades members, guests, desk staff, lifeguards, coaches, tennis staff and snack bar staff) with patience, decency, and kindness.
  • No running, pushing, rough play, or inappropriate language while on pool property.
  • No dunking in the pool.
    Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the property.

Pool Area/Picnic Grounds

No glassware is allowed on the pool property. All eating and drinking is to be done in the designated picnic area. No eating or drinking (except water) are allowed on the pool decks, including covered seating areas.

Food and drink are only allowed in the designated picnic area and upper deck tables. Members are responsible for disposing of all trash and leaving the area clean and litter-free. The grills are available for members’ use in the picnic area. Ask a member of the Guard Staff for assistance with grills. Members are responsible for cleaning grills and tools after use.

Picnic Pavilion

Seating in the Picnic Pavilion is on a first come, first serve basis and may not be reserved for parties. Seating is to be used on a revolving basis and may not be reserved for future use by leaving items on the table or seats. Pavilion must be vacated during electrical storms.

Electronic Devices

No telephones, camera or any other recording device may be used in restrooms at anytime. If you are found using your device in the restrooms, your membership can be revoked. All audio sound systems shall be used only with earphones or headsets. No amplified music is allowed at any private party (DJ’s, bands, etc.).

Tennis Courts

All players and guests must sign in to use the courts. Children under 15 must yield the courts to adult members. Only players wearing non-marking tennis shoes are allowed on the court surfaces.  Tennis reservations begin and end at the top of the hour and must be made on the Palisades website using your ID and password. Court reservations are booked for one hour at a time – no consecutive reservations are allowed. Court reservations are forfeited after 10 minutes if players are a no-show. Courts are not available for play while wet.


The playground is not supervised by pool guards or other staff. Parents must supervise children as necessary to ensure safe play.

Use of the Pool

Swim Attire

Proper swim attire must be worn by members and guests, regardless of age, at all times for pool use.

Use of the Main Pool

Only children 5 and older who are able to swim one length of the 25 meter pool or are tall enough to stand on the bottom of the pool are permitted without an adult in the main pool. Children ages 4 and younger who are toilet-trained may go into the main pool accompanied by a swimming adult (age 15 or over) who is within arms length at all times.

Diaper Clad Children

Montgomery County Health Code requires that children who are not FULLY toilet-trained must wear rubber pants (a separate and distinct article of clothing) over an undergarment of tightly-fitted diapers (cloth/plastic/swimmers). There are no exceptions! One accident can result in the pool being closed for up to eight hours at a time. The guards, pool management, and the Board will be adamant on strict compliance. Diaper-clad children are NOT allowed in the main pool. Rubber pants are available for purchase at the front desk.

Rest Periods/Adult Swim

The last 15 minutes of each hour is a rest period for all children under the age of 15 — they must be completely out of the pool.  This applies to both the main and middle pools (not the baby pool). Rest periods will not be called after 6pm at the discretion of the guards.

Diving Safety

  • Diving is permitted only from the diving boards or into the “well” area when it is open. Diving is prohibited in any other area of the pool facilities.
  • Divers must go off the end of the board and must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted.
  • Only one bounce per dive is permitted, and no unsafe acts are allowed.
  • Divers may not wear any flotation devices, masks, or goggles.
  • Waiting, catching, or interfering with a diver is strictly prohibited.
  • Swimmers are not permitted in the well when the diving boards are in use.
  • Do not dive off of diving boards until the previous diver has reached the pool ladder.
  • The well is open for swimmers at the discretion of the guard.

Middle Pool Slide

  • Children must be able to swim safely to the steps to get out of the pool on their own if using the slide.
  • Parents may not wait in the water or jump in the water after their child has gone down the slide. Only one slider at a time.
  • Sliders must wait on at bottom of stairs — not on the steps leading up to the slide –until previous slider enters the water and clears the area.
  • Sliders must slide feet first only.
  • No climbing on the rocks.
  • Lifeguards may ban rule breakers from slide.

Swimming Devices

  • US Coast Guard approved swimming devices that are strapped to a child are allowed.
  • Other flotation devices such as tubes, water wings, or other inflatable flotation devices are not permitted.
  • A responsible adult must remain in the water within arm’s length of the child wearing the lifevest at all times.

Use of Toys and Objects in Pools

  • Face masks, fins, and goggles are allowed in the main and middle pools.
  • Kick boards and water weights may only be used in lap lanes or with a parent in the water with a child.
  • Snorkels are allowed with manager permission.
  • No hard objects, including dive sticks, are allowed at any time.Other items are not permitted in the pools, except for in the baby pool.
  • Small soft items such as noodles and soft toys are permitted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6 – 9 p.m. Inflatable rafts and other objects may be permitted on Toy Nights per the discretion of the pool manager.

In-Pool Basketball Hoop

In-Pool Basketball Hoop use in the main pool may be permitted after 1pm each day at the discretion of the guard.

  • No hanging from the rim or pulling on the net.
  • No basketball playing at all during the 15 minute rest period (including adults).
  • Shoot baskets from the pool only.
  • Violators may lose “hoop privileges.”

Baby Pool

Only children under 6 are permitted in the baby pool with an adult. The guards do not supervise the baby pool or playground.

Lap Lanes

  • Lap lanes are available for the use and enjoyment of all Palisades swimmers.
    • Lap lanes are limited to two swimmers per lane.
    • If you are passing, it is your responsibility to allow enough space to avoid any collision or contact with the other swimmer.
  • Repeated failure the follow these rules may result in a suspension of swimming privileges.

Swim and Dive Meets

During the summer, the swim and dive teams will host home events which impact pool usage. Please check the pool calendar on the website for the specific dates.

  • Wednesday afternoon swim meets: Palisades Pool closes at 4 pm.
  • Saturday morning swim meets: Palisades Pool will open 12 noon.
  • For Sunday afternoon dive meets: the diving well area will close at 2:30 pm for the duration of  the meet. The main, middle and baby pools will remain open.