Membership Update – Important Information

We have an important change that will affect all Palisades members regarding Open Swim reservations. Many members have been unable to book an Open Swim reservation this season. In order to give all of our members the opportunity to use the pool this summer, we have decided to limit Open Swim reservations beginning Monday, July 27. In addition to limiting reservations, we are also changing how the reservation system works. The system will open Friday evening and members can reserve slots for the entire week (Monday through Sunday).

For all Open Swimming reservations beginning Monday, July 27:

  • Each Palisades member may make up to three Open Swim reservations per week and three Early Bird Swim (EBS) reservations per week. (Monday through Sunday). No exceptions.  

  • The name on the reservation must match the name of the member who arrives at the pool. Any reservation changes must be made in the reservation system.

  • NO SUBSTITUTIONS for reservations: you cannot substitute a guest for a family member, or one family member for another. You also cannot substitute another unrelated pool member for a member of your family. Again, all reservations changes must be made through the reservation system.

  • Reservations for both Open Swim and EBS will open Friday evening for the entire week (Monday through Sunday). Again, members can reserve up to three Open Swimming slots and three EBS slots per week.

  • You must cancel your reservation if you are not going to use your Open Swim or EBS slot. We ask that you cancel at least one hour before your reservation, preferably the night before.

  • Members who make more than the allotted reservations per week or fail to show up for their Open Swim session or EBS slot without canceling that session, will receive one warning. After the first warning, a second violation of these rules will result in a loss of reservation privileges for the entire family for one week. A third violation will result in a loss of reservation privileges for the entire family for two weeks. Additional violations may result in termination of the family membership for the rest of the season.

  • This season, Palisades is for use by members only. No guests are permitted. Any misuse of membership, including allowing others to use your membership or trying to pass a guest off as a member on your account, may result in a 7 day suspension for the entire family’s membership.

And now for other information and updates:

  • Please contact Palisades ( if you or your family member tests positive for COVID and has visited Palisades in the past 14 days. A number of local pools recently announced that employees or members have tested positive for COVID.

  • As always, please be kind and respectful to Palisades staff and other members. 

  • Be kind to others and cancel your reservation when you are not able to make it. If you book a reservation for the whole family and one member cannot come, you can now edit that reservation and take only that member off without having to cancel the whole reservation.

  • Late Bird Swim will end Friday, July 24th while  Early Bird Swim will end on Friday, August 14. 

  • In order to clean pool furniture in between open swimming slots, we limited the number of chairs on the pool deck. If you arrive during the latter part of your open swimming slot, consider bringing your own chair. You can also sit on the lawn in your own chair as the Palisades furniture must stay on the pool deck. In addition, please do not move any pool furniture. They are pre-arranged for the safety of our members and to abide by physical distancing guidelines.

  • The women’s and men’s bathrooms, including showers, are available until 30 minutes before the end of each Open Swimming slot.

  • The family bathroom is available for use. Please ask the lifeguards for the code to enter.

Again, we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we adjust pool operating policies and procedures based on your feedback. We hope that these changes will allow more members to enjoy Palisades Pool this summer.

Safe safe and healthy,

-The Palisades Pool Board