Pool Party Guidelines

Please note that parties may be not be held from 1:30-5:30 on weekends or holidays, and no party can exceed 30 people.

All parties of more than eight non-members must be scheduled in advance by submitting a request via our online form. The pool does not book parties for school-related groups; and may withhold approval if the proposed date is on a weekend or some other time incompatible with pool activities. All parties must begin and end within normal operating hours. There MUST be at least one adult for every six children and the overall party may not exceed 30 people. It is the responsibility of all adult chaperones to monitor the behavior of the party participants.

Guest Fees are $10 on weekends and holidays and $5 Monday – Friday. The member is responsible for paying the guest fees from their account.

A list of guests must be provided to the front desk before the party starts.   Guest credits will be charged to cover the number of guests. Guests will be checked off the list as they arrive. If the host member does not have sufficient guest credits, they must be purchased in advance of the party.

At least one adult must be present for every six children.  It is the responsibility of the adult chaperones to inform the guests of the pool rules and to monitor the behavior of the party participants.

Please respect that the gazebo table area is for rotating use by our members and is NOT to be reserved for parties. Please utilize the picnic tables for all parties. All parties that are set up in the gazebo area will be asked to move by pool management.

The party hosts must clean up after the party.  Trash bags will be provided if needed.  Please remember to take down any balloons that may have been tied to signs.

Please contact  membership@palisadespool.com with any questions regarding booking your party.

Party Application Form

Start planning your party by submitting the online application form