Update for May 28th

Beginning Friday, May 28 reservations for opening swimming will no longer be required. There will be no timed slots and members may use Palisades at any time during operating hours. Guests are still not permitted, including tennis, but we hope to lift that final restriction soon.

Current operating hours:

  • Weekdays: 2pm – 8pm during preseason (May 21 – June 18)
  • Memorial Day Weekend (including Memorial Day): 10:15am – 8pm

*The Middle Pool will be closed 5-6 pm Friday, May 28 for the Swim Team Readiness Clinic.
**Palisades will open at 10:15am all three days of Memorial Day weekend due to swim team practice.

Lap Lanes
Two swimmers per lane. A swimmer must share his/her lane if another swimmer wants to join that lane. The two swimmers must then divide the lane (no circle swimming).