Thank you for your interest in joining the Palisades waitlist.

***The waitlist is now closed and will re-open on October 1, 2024 at 8pm and we will accept the first 50 applicants.***

In the meantime, please see information below regarding the waitlist and membership.

There is a $40 application fee to apply for membership and join the waitlist.

We currently have 550 families on the waitlist and the estimated wait for any type of membership at Palisades is currently 8-12 years. Our Articles of Incorporation limit Palisades to no more than 3000 individual members and we operate at full capacity every season to ensure that as many people can enjoy Palisades as possible.

We are usually able to offer between 20-50 memberships each year but some years we can only offer 5-10 depending on membership turnover.

Once you join the waitlist and create your Palisades account, you can log in at anytime to check your position on the waitlist.

There is a $10 yearly fee to remain on the waitlist. The ensures that only people who are still actively interested in joining Palisades are remaining on the waitlist. Before the waitlist fee, we had over 1200 names on the waitlist and it made offering new membership offers extremely time consuming since so many people did not respond to the offer. The well-maintained waitlist (thanks to you all) also gives us a much better estimate of how long it will be before we can offer memberships and allows better transparency for those on the waitlist since they can more accurately check their status. The fee can be paid anytime during the calendar year. Your $40 application fee that you pay when you join the waitlist will cover the waitlist fee for that year.   For example, if you join the waitlist in 2023, you will not need to pay the $10 fee until 2024.

Due to the current size of the waitlist, we are limited in what we can offer to those on the waitlist. Our children’s summer program, Club Palisades, and our tennis programs are open to non-members. Please click on the Tennis tab on the Palisades website. Information about Club Palisades is emailed each spring to anyone with a Palisades account.

Lastly, you must keep your contact information current. If we cannot reach you via email or phone, we will not able to offer you a membership.

Please note that our Membership team is run solely by volunteers. If you have further questions, please email

Thank you for your patience!