Swim Team

Palisades Porpoises will return to the water this summer! We welcome swimmers 6 to 18 years old. You MUST be an active, dues-paying member of Palisades Pool to join the Porpoises.

Remember: All team information, including registration, volunteer opportunities, meet confirmations, is available to members on the “Swim Team Site” section under the Teams tab after logging in on the pool website.


For the 2022 season, Palisades will swim in Division F. Practices for returning swimmers will be held all three mornings of Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30. New swimmers are invited to join practice Monday, May 30. Practices are 9 – 10 am and for all ages except pre-team.  Afternoon practices for all ages start Tuesday May 31. Swimmers 11 years and older practice 4:15 to 5:15 pm and those 10 years and younger practice 5:15 to 6 pm. Morning practices, 8:30 to 9:30 am, start June 20. All practices will end July 22.  Swimmers come prepared with swimsuit, cap, goggles, and water bottle.

Shop SwimOutlet.com to Support the Porpoises

If you are making a purchase for your swimming pool needs, please shop through this site: http://www.swimoutlet.com/palisadesporpoises and the swim team will receive proceeds from each sale.

Parent Volunteer Officials

The Palisades Porpoises rely on parent volunteers to help with refereeing swim meets. We need YOU to become a swim official.  Train to become a Stroke and Turn Judge or Starter with the Montgomery County Swim League.  The meets cannot run without these deck officials.  Certifying as an official is a great way to support our young athletes and Porpoise swimming!

Click here for details about the clinics: http://www.mcsl.org/Officials.aspx

Any questions? Contact:

Team representatives:

Debbie Bunker

Molly Scott

Board of Director representative:

Kim Penn

Pre-Team Returns for 2022 Season

Pre-Team is designed for swimmers who will be five years old before June 1, are confident in the water, and want to master swim strokes in preparation to join the swim team. To join the pre-team, children must be able to comfortably make their way across the diving well (floating, swimming, or kicking with a board) unassisted and without showing signs of distress (such as crying or refusing to get in the water). Children interested in joining the pre-team should have already mastered the following basic swim skills: blowing bubbles, kicking on the wall, kicking with kick board with face in water, and have knowledge of the freestyle stroke, and be comfortable and confident in water over 5 feet in depth.  Swimmers will have through the first week of practice to demonstrate their ability to handle pre-team.  If he or she is not yet at this level, we will encourage your child to receive lessons from other programs or private lessons taught by the swim coaches and lifeguards, and rejoin the pre-team once their confidence meets the expected criteria. Every member of the Palisades pre-team must register as a swim team member and pay the registration fee. Parents are encouraged to join the team list serve to stay up-to-date on team announcements.

The pre-team is coached by the swim team coaches and high school and middle school student volunteers from the Palisades swim team. The coaches focus on developing skills that will help pre-team swimmers to eventually join the Palisades team as soon as they have acquired enough skills  — much like a farm baseball team is training ground for a major league team. All pre-team swimmers are considered part of the Palisades Porpoises and are encouraged to attend  team social events and attend meets. The season typically culminates with the Celine Silver Memorial Mini Meet at Tilden Woods pool featuring 8 and under swimmers from around the area.

All team information, including registration, volunteer opportunities, meet confirmations, is available to pool members who log into the “Swim Team Site” section under the Teams tab on this website. The Palisades Porpoises is restricted to members of Palisades Pool only.